Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hello people of today's society, I'm Zak Brown and I'm 13 this is going to be the start of a blog called young_politics. The reason i am starting this blog, is because i am annoyed  with to days politics, so i thought i would start this blog, to discuss my points and probably many over teenagers points about today's politics and society. I will be using recent news updates from, the BBC news story's. I want to inform all those adults and politicians about many of there horrible problems that they could be wrong in a child's mind. If i have offended anybody so far i am truly sorry, i hope you will carry on reading. But i will not stop until those politicians of ours start listening, to not only the adults of our society but also the children of to days society. But enough about introducing myself lets start talking politics. Just before i start if you want to reply Please email me at zachary_brown_zachary@AOL.CO.UK even if you don't agree with me please give me some feed back

well actually  for my first blog i haven't planned it that well so i thought i would talk about the up coming changes to a school i am soon to be going to. at the moment in Exmoor we have a 3 tier school system. we have First School, Middle School, Collage. but not the collage you know this collage take pupils from the years of 9 to sixth form. but the new head teach (i will not mention any names) is changing the collage that i think really well into a secondary school with collage in it as well but the thing is the government are backing this because of there cut in funding starting from 2015 in school education to middle schools. The thing I'm concerned about is that in years to come when the 11 year old's waddle up to the collage. I personally think there will be lots of paedophile cases in these years to come. if you think about it 18 year old's in hospital go to the adults ward not the children's ward because of certain reasons. so why should they be in the same school with that age difference. some of you are probably thinking whats the problem. it's not like they share the same toilets. well you thought wrong the toilets are unisex toilets that i think will increase the chances in paedophiles. i know what you're all thinking. "whats stops paedophiles strike at the 13 year olds" Well 1 because there isn't as much children as there soon will be at Minehead collage because 3 middle schools with shut down. Dulverton, minehead and danesfield wich will cause missives amounts of pupils to go rushing to minehead collage. and at the rate the head teachers going already half the teachers have left because of her. The thing is she also released a letter saying that dulverton will be shut down with out our headteachers knowledge. so all in all i think that the government cutting funding to middle schools in 2015 is making a big mistake and will cause more trouble than its worth.

This has be Young Polotics with zak brown cya next time ;D